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Saif Ur Rahman Omair hails from the city of Hyderabad.

His schooling was done at International Indian Public School, Riyadh (I.I.P.S.R). He then graduated from Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology (M.J.C.E.T) at Hyderabad, India as an Instrumentation Engineer in 2014.

Author Saif Ur Rahman

An avid reader of books at a young age, fascination for fiction and fantasy compelled him to work upon a narrative storyline called: “The Nucle Saga I", published in 2012 which is the first part of his series and will be followed by its sequels.


He launched his second-sequel novel: The Nucle Saga II on 2nd of August, 2018 at Media Plus Communications Auditorium, Hyderabad. Very recently, he has also penned down his final book The Nucle Saga III slated to be released in 2021.



The Writing Journey - Guest Lecture with the Digital Literary Club of Prince Sultan University

114th of February, 2021

Author Saif Ur Rahman delivered his guest lecture on the Writing Journey for the Digital Literary Club of Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia and spoke about the “book writing equation”. The video of the lecture is available on the channel: DigiLit!


A Talk on Fiction Writing with Elite30 ATMC

17th of September, 2020

Author Saif Ur Rahman will be participating in an exclusive talk show conducted by his former Toastmasters Club: Elie30 Advanced Toastmasters Club. This will be hosted by DTM Mohammed Afdhal.


Lecture on Fantasy Fiction World Building by Saif Ur Rahman

15th of August, 2020

Join the international lecture series on literary theory, language and literature organised by AIFEST,  from 17th of August - 31st of August 2020. Author Saif's lecture is on “Fantasy Fiction World Building” premiering on 27th of August 2020. 

Link: Youtube Video


The Nucle Saga 3 Manuscript over!

19th of July, 2020

It gives us great pleasure to announce that author Saif Ur Rahman has finally penned down the last (and third) book of The Nucle Saga Trilogy (fantasy-fiction). The book has been a product of the recent lockdown and Camp NaNoWriMo July 2020. The manuscript is about 75,000 words (41,000 words in July alone) and is expected to expand marginally post-editing. Editing and copyrighting may take an additional three to six months.


 Author Saif is Camp NanoWriMo (July 2020) Winner

15th of July, 2020

Author Saif has completed his word count while participating for this camp in July 2020. This was with regards to his third and final book: The Nucle Saga III


Meet & Greet Author Saif @ Kitab Lovers Literary event, Hyderabad

17th of December, 2019

Author Saif Ur Rahman will be at the Kitab Lovers literary event, Hyderabad. You can grab a signed copy of The Nucle Saga Book 1 & Book 2. 


Event Name: Kitab Lovers

Venue: Maruti Garden, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad

Timings: 10 am - 9 pm

Days: 19th December - 22nd December 2019


TNS Books on the Kindle store are now X-Ray enabled!

15th of December, 2019


✔️A new and revolutionary way to read the Nucle Saga series.
✔️An overview of all characters to avoid confusion.
✔️Go through the definitions of specific terms for more clarity.
✔️Side commentary and extra-information for a more immersive reading experience in the Nucleverse.


Announcement - Free copies of The Nucle Saga I & II on Amazon Kindle (Limited time)

12th of December, 2019

You can get a kindle copy of the fantasy fiction books: The Nucle Saga I & II from 12th December 2019 to 14th December 2019 PST  for absolutely FREE!


INSTRUCTIONS: Select your country on the website, and it will redirect you to an Amazon link. Click on "buy for free". Enjoy!


The Nucle Saga is now on Reddit!

11th of December, 2019

Join The Nucle Saga Community on Reddit! r/thenuclesaga


TNS Paperbacks new availability

15th of March, 2019

The Nucle Saga paperbacks are now finally available in India via sellers: Flipkart & Amazon India


The Nucle Saga III Book Trailer

15th of February, 2019

And the final book's trailer is here, click on the link below!

Link: Youtube Video


Components of Success - Mock TEDx Talk by Author Saif (Only Audio)

15th of October, 2018

This is a pep talk about the Author's personal journey.  Make sure you switch ON the Captions in the settings. 
This was delivered at TEDxMJCET Mock Event.

Link: Youtube Video


The Nucle Saga II Book Launch

2nd of August, 2018

On Thursday, the 2nd of August, 2018, “The Nucle Saga II” (the much-cherished sequel to the 2012 novel) written by author Saif Ur Rahman, was officially launched at Media Plus Communications Auditorium, Jamia Nizamia Complex, Gunfoundry, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad. The chief guest was Janab A.K.Khan Sahab, and guests of honour were Janab Zayed Ali Khan and Janab Mohammed Hyder Ali. The literary event started with a round of questions and answers session where the author interacted with the audience. Janab A.K.Khan then addressed the crowd, talked about the previous book, and what he liked about it. The unveiling of the book was done with great pomp, and the author addressed the audience, shedding light on various themes of the book such as consequences of choices, the desolation of war, character evolution etc. Janab Zayed Ali Khan proceeded to have a word with audience reminding to support the sale of the books and urged attendees to vanquish the evils that are plaguing the society. Several special guests took turns in addressing the audience as well. The Nucle Saga I & II are available as paperbacks or ebooks on Amazon.com and Pothi.com.


Invitation to the Nucle Saga II Book Launch

20th of July, 2018

Author Saif Ur Rahman invites TNS fans to his TNS-2 Book Launch scheduled to be released on Thursday, 2nd of August, 2018.


TNS Book Two Editing Complete

15th of June, 2018

The Nucle Saga II has undergone final editing!


TNS Book One Sale @ Effat University (via Alf Kalimah)

30th of March, 2018

The Nucle Saga I (via Alf Kalimah) was on sale at Effat University, Jeddah!


TNS Book Two eBook Cover Unveiling Announcement

26th of December, 2017

On Thursday 28th of December, 2017, 12:00 pm MST, author Saif will be unveiling the ebook cover of The Nucle Saga II.


The Nucle Saga II Copyrighted!

19t of December, 2017

​The second novel in the Nucleverse, the Nucle Saga II has been registered, entry number: L-70070/2017 in the Registrar of Copyrights, Indian Copyright Office. (It is protected in accordance with the Copyright Act, 1957).


Author Saif's Speech: The Journey of a book

21st of November, 2017

Author Saif delivered his Toastmaster CC-2 speech at the Arab Stallion/Kohinoor joint meeting on 21st November 2017 about "The journey of a book".


TNS Book 1 sale @ British Islamic School Al Alameen

12th of October, 2017

​“The Nucle Saga I” paperback novel was kept on display & was on sale at a book stall at the British Islamic School Al Alameen, Ummul-Hammam, Riyadh.


TNS Book One registeration @ KFNL

6th of August, 2017

The Nucle Saga I was registered and catalogued at King Fahd National Library, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Author Saif joins clubs

12th of August, 2017

On 9th of August, 2017, author Saif visited the Zamil Holding Group Office, Riyadh and joined the "Arabian Stallions Toastmasters Club".


On 12th of August, 2017, author Saif visited Humming Tree, Jeddah and enrolled as a member of the "Write-In Jeddah" (later known as Alf Kalimah).


TNS Book One Sale @ Jeddah, KSA

27th of August, 2017

​The Nucle Saga Book One Paperback is available for a limited time at Humming Tree, Al Misk, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 


Jeddahians, go get your copies now! Refer the map location below:

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TNS Book Two Announcement

10th of April, 2017

On April 10th, 2012, The Nucle Saga I was launched. Five years later, Author Saif announces his 2nd book.


Youtube Video


Launch of the official Website

3rd of March, 2017

Welcome to the official website of Saif Ur Rahman, author of The Nucle Saga series.


The Nucle Saga I at the Riyadh International Book Fair

1st of March, 2017

​Author Saif Ur Rahman showcased his novel: The Nucle Saga at the International Book Fair on 3rd March 2017. 


Facebook Live Video


The Revamped website of The Nucle Saga

16th of February, 2017

The Nucle Saga's Official website has a fresh and new design.

Click on the link: www.thenuclesaga.com