I carry wounds that never seem to heal. I want to escape to a barren landscape, Of calmness and serenity. Of lifeless beings, But lifeful nature indeed. Where I can scream and shout and bellow, to the landscape of mountains, Where no one can hear me. To let out and release this, churning stormy ocean in my chest. I have engulfed myself, occupied myself, to hide from the pain. But it sticks to me better than my shadow itself. I want to be liberated by the fire of light. Of a sense, of a state of eternal enlightenment.


In these fallen lands I have travelled. Not a soul to be seen. Only hyenas and crows feasting. I gave so many chances. I fought for long and hard. I strived to be what I am. But in a moment to days, It started to crumble, Like a pack of dominoes. I try to mask it. I see the creatures swim, I nurture them, hone them. But all was temporal. I cannot forgive myself anymore. And to what I have brought upon myself. If it is a loss that I have to incur, then let me go down like a warrior. I have abandoned hope, As it has abandoned me.

Resurrecting Emotions

Those thousand moments of pain and dread, Those thousand withered wings approaching to perish. Those endless skies where torn feathers flooded. To the heart which suffered the pull of many strings. To those rivers and lakes that have dried up. To those shadows who refuse to leave your side. To those hopes and dreams dissipating, like waves crashing into the shores. To bear a broken heart and smile. To bear a wound in your chest and walk. To that love that was murdered, by selfishness and betrayal. I buried and reburied those corpsed emotions. But they break open their graves and walk into the lands like zombies. I slashed and cuffed them back to the ground. Heavens break upon an