A Fable Of Light & Darkness

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful marriage in this universe, a marriage of light and darkness. The light was energetic and active whereas the darkness was all encompassing and over bearing. And they lived together until they parted ways. In the cosmos was a violent fight between the two, each trying to supersede the other. In their struggle, many stars and the suns were born. And then the two came to the earth and claimed her as their own. The earth interceded and said: “One part of me shall be you, and the other part shall be the other”. “Never,” they said. And so the day and night were born. As the new day dawned, the night was right around the corner. And when the night came, the d

Our Lives

Our lives are proud songs of irony. It is life, Where efforts are not always appreciated but only results, Where the truth would probably land you in trouble but not the lie, Where you may get punished when you should've been rewarded, Where it is sometimes simply wrong for your hopes for "not" being played, Where your only crime was that you existed or resisted. Where you voiced out the gross injustice and suddenly you have been made the negative. Well, it is life. Lives which are, after all, proud tales of mockery.