So-called "Standard Of Beauty"

Watch the old 1970’s films, and unconsciously you make a subtle observation. Come in the 21st century, and it’s more than apparent. Industries earning in billions, the rise of movements and consciences in people alike. Let’s face it: The standard of beauty for women is changing, and in my personal opinion it is taking for the worse. When you watch T.V, the chances are that you might have come across beauty commercials. T.V’s and the internet have profoundly influenced the perception of what beauty is. I fear that the generation succeeding me would accept skinny, glossy, mal-nutrition looking girls as the “new awesome” or “beauty”. I rather hope with all my heart that humanity doesn’t fall in

Poem Tribute to my Uncle

I dedicate this poem to my loving chacha who recently passed away: ------------------- Indeed the night is near. Dark would be our years. Left us the world shattered and broken. Hollow and unspoken. Our hearts have an unoccupied seat. You left us incomplete. Our times together are a plenty beautiful, And left us a plenty dutiful. But all has come to depart, As you were our heart. You were the light in our dark hour, A blossom-full bright flower. The way you left behind a legacy. Your smile & laughter would never be forgotten. Engraved always in our hearts would be those sweet thoughts. Your simplicity in complexity showed us the way. But hard the memories on us weigh. Your perfec

The Unwilling Man

And verily man has often asked for miracles, from holy men to God himself. "We believe what we see but nothing else!” But they cannot see, for they are blinded. That the light of truth does not bother them. And if they try opening their eyes, the intensity of it would shut, their eyes right back. Look around you. Look at this breathing alive earth. Its forest and gigantic oceans. It’s womb in eternal motion. It's very fabric embodied with life atom to atom. Look at the sky; look at its colour, the birds chirruping, the waters reflecting back. Observe the jewels in the far cosmos beyond, Their prefixed path of direction and course of events. Look at the mountains, the pan of la

Tips for aspiring Authors

Writing a book/literary work requires two main components: Loads of imagination and loads of more patience. Being patient is very crucial. Don't tie up expectations with your work. The outcome of writing a book or novel is either very punishing or highly rewarding. There is no middle ground. When you start writing, ensure that it is uninterrupted by anything. Don't let the urge to correct your grammar stop you. Keep that for later. Writers have a natural tendency to create something pristine and slowly transform it into some spectacular. Writing in quiet places helps. You need to release all the tensions and slowly wander with the thoughts in your mind. Just like a warm-up exercise before a