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Let's Upgrade to Power

It was morning time. I had skipped breakfast (which I usually never did) because I was late. My attendance in my college wasn't that great, and I had already come under the scanner of my lecturers. No, today I have to be on time, I thought. I opened the gate and went towards my parked bike. It was Yamaha Fazer, a variant of the popular FZ series introduced by Yamaha in India. It was incredible bike because it was such a decent all-rounder. I turned my key in the key socket and switched on the bike; it's electrical systems buzzed followed by starting of the engine. The engine sprang to life, and I revved it hard, feeling the engine's deep humming between my legs. Satisfied I commenced on the road feeling the wind gently sway over my face. It was the month of September, and Hyderabad's weather was either too bright or rainy. But today it was pleasant. It was cloudy yet not rainy nor sunny. I always fancied such weather and hoped it doesn't become too sunny because that would just tan my hands and face. As an author, my imagination always played with me and ‘sneaked' behind in the most unexpected situations. Immersed in my thoughts, I moved with the traffic and mentally cursed at the potholes on the road. During my travelling, I seldom thought about the weather. The weather reminded me of the portrayed nuclear winters in books and movies. As I rode on, far from a distance, I could make out a sound, a sound that set my pulse racing. I knew that sound. I dreamt of it most of the time, would play it onto my Walkman and hear it again and again. The effect was immediate at the surrounding. As if a powerful entity announced its arrival. I dared to look back, and I saw it. A shade of white and blue, Raw beauty. Raw Power. A sports bike, Yamaha R1 (distinguishable from R6). The gleaming golden helmet of the rider was no less than the helmets worn by the knights of ancient times. At that very instant in my mind, I had decided to buy a sports bike (not necessarily a Yamaha R1). I see those posters ‘Speeds thrills but kills' but I cannot help but wonder what real message they want to convey? True that the road is no place for crazy acrobatics and ‘circus moves' but genuine bursts of adrenaline of speed on highways and circuits is every bike enthusiast's right. Personally speaking, I want a bike that ‘sweeps off my breath', make me feel a rush, a cocktail of little fear but greater excitement. I want to feel power between my legs and at the whims of my wrist. Now don't argue with me saying stuff like the petrol is costly, etc. Hell yes, it is! But if you can maintain a four-wheeler than why not a refined high powered bike? I'm sick of all these 150cc (that includes 180 and 220 types too) bikes that are modelled and fashioned sporty but just have an increased performance than slower two wheeler variants. It's time for a revolution, a time for a change. A time for upgrading to better power.

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