Know Her?

She is beautiful. She is shy. She dances and sways. She falls and crashes; she rises to dawn.

Throughout all these centuries, books, arts and movie cinema have captured her essence and portrayed her in various forms. Writers, artists, musicians, architects and historians are her guardians.

You can feel her in a tune, a warm song. In the environment and in nature. She is in the raging seas; she is in the calm waves washing over a shore. You can feel her trickling pass your fingers near a fountain. She is nature’s sweet illegitimate child.

She is within animals too. She is the half of basic animal instinct to survive. Naturally, it’s our instinct as well. She is like a fuel that drives us when we are ineffectual.

In the greatest glory full battles of humanity to heart-wrenching tragedies of human history.

She forms a strong emotion. Her mix of humanity’s other emotions has changed the face of world and humanity itself.

She is between lovers.

She is the bond between the creator and creation.

She was the divine promise from the holy men.

She is in a mother’s touch, in a father’s eyes.

She is glory and in defeat.

She is in kindness and despair.

For she is hope. She is hope.

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