The Jackpot Bride

Several people have asked me, "What is something that you hate or despise the most?" And beyond a shadow of a doubt, I know the answer deep within: "dowry". But rather I hate a form of it and endorse the other. Let me elaborate. I condemn the taken dowry from bride-to-be's family. In Indian culture, it usually equates to lots of cash, gold and furniture. This act is something that I despise at a cellular level! According to Indian law, it is expressly prohibited, and yet in our country, it is so rampant in our society especially in the weak sections, and that saddens my heart. In India, if a couple conceives a daughter, they are usually happy but worried! The marriage system that they would have to go through would mean they would have to spend a lot when it would come to point in the future where their daughter would get married. However, if the couple conceives a son, it a joy like no other! Jackpot during his wedding time, it is! This attitude of a portion of our society should stop with immediate effect! And this approach can bring about change only if dowry system (that is taking dowry from the bride) be brought down. The ones who demand dowry or who participate in receiving it ever in their lives will never have my respect whatsoever and whosoever they are, whether if they are my friends or relatives. The moment I know you engaged in such a practise, you have been brought yourself under the contempt of an individual like me. To boys and men alike, I have a message: "In our society which is, after so many generations, still in need of reform (of both conduct and thought), it is a not just being ‘a man' to have a muscular structure but rather much more than that; It is also a manly to have a sense of moral conduct and respectful behaviour too." If you are ‘a man', you shall not even accept a rupee coin if you ever are in the modes of marrying someone. To girls and women alike, I have a message for you as well: "During the process of marrying and the potential in-laws demand or ask for dowry, know that you should not inculcate yourself into such a materialistic and moral-less family but rather a family that has honour and integrity." Remember, you are engaging in such an act if the money/resource is utilised by YOU or any of your family members. If your bride uses it and only for her personal use, then that is well. Now you may remember that earlier; I did say that I endorsed a form of Dowry. And that is giving dowry to the bride. To my pleasant surprise and great joy, it is a part of my religious beliefs too. That is my personal opinion. So friends, say yes to being ethically clean and no dowry.

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