The Muslimah!

I dedicate this poem to our Muslim girls and women. The princesses & queens of our hearts!

O men! Bear my plea, Heed me, I’m the Muslimah! I’m the half of the Ummah! The Ummah that the beloved prophet left behind, The equal portion of mankind.

I’m stronger than you think, I’m a bonding link.

If you marry my sisters or me, I’m your half deen, Does not that make me your queen?

I’m your beautiful angel daughter, When you come home tired, do I not offer you tea or water?

I’m your sister, do I not protect your secrets? I wake you in Fajr, In Ramadan, I cook your Iftar.

I’m your wife, beautiful and blessed, Have I not been a source of relief in your distress?

I’m a mother, the future of Muslimeen are in my womb, So I shape and teach these rising stars, so they can later bloom.

Were you not advised to treat me fairly? But a lot of you not do it rarely?

Honor & dignity are the jewels of my crown, By Allah, it is safeguarded and bestowed down.

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