Hyderabad Wedding Sins

So you’re from Hyderabad! Are you a foodie? Do you like Biryani? YES?! The chances are that you ABSOLUTELY relish on going to get together-parties and weddings throughout the city, don’t you? I mean reading this you would be like: “Who wouldn’t?” After all, the parties and weddings are rich, full of happiness and masti, smiles, hugs, congratulations, great food, meeting up with your cousins and of course lots and lots of photographs.

Well, here you are reading this. Why? Because I wrote this and why did I write this? Because I want to say something and you might probably want to know it. And that would be?

Well “I” feel that they are so many things fundamentally wrong with the weddings here in Hyderabad.

One of them is that weddings are made a costly affair. But I guess, that’s okay as long as the host is doing this as an expression of happiness. But the problem is, the general people EXPECT it to be made a big affair. Why? Well that’s just what everyone expects and we want to show how wealthy and cool we are, and we don’t want people naming us, would we?

The next part is the incredible amount of food that is wasted, we live among people where it’s a MUST to have a big fat wedding but it’s completely okay to waste food.

We live in a society where it's shameful and a matter of grave embarrassment for women to wear less gold but it's completely awesome to stuff our plates with food, compare ourselves and later discard the food off.

The irony that I once saw was that at a recent wedding, I saw "heaps of rice and food" rolled in plastic covers and thrown away but “heaps of beggars”, dusted and so thin that their skins were sticking to their very bones scavenging for food. I felt that what has made the world come to his point of inhumanity. Wasn’t the purpose of a wedding to feed people in an act of celebration?

The other thing is that for every child, the parent gives away, it must be almost a traumatising event in his/her life. First, they are giving their baby girl to someone for a mere hope that perhaps she settles down to have a happy married life. He/she invites people who eat and throw food, laugh around, gossip, backbite and still keep names.

Last but not the least, what disturbs me is that how people push each other when the call for the food is made. It makes me think that despite their rich traditional sherwanis or khurtas or sarees or whatever their other best clothes are, they are slaves to one of their basic instincts: “food”. I guess it’s only natural for manners to take a back seat at times like these. If we only had a culture where we could speed up food delivery or start dinner on time. These things can slowly with time disappear. At the end of reading all this, you might think. "This is NOT the solution. To complain or find faults." My assurances, my intention is not this but rather that you, the reader, gets aware. Perhaps a “wave of general awareness” can prompt an action if not this piece of writing. PEACE.

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