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A Fable Of Light & Darkness

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful marriage in this universe, a marriage of light and darkness. The light was energetic and active whereas the darkness was all encompassing and over bearing. And they lived together until they parted ways. In the cosmos was a violent fight between the two, each trying to supersede the other. In their struggle, many stars and the suns were born. And then the two came to the earth and claimed her as their own. The earth interceded and said: “One part of me shall be you, and the other part shall be the other”. “Never,” they said. And so the day and night were born. As the new day dawned, the night was right around the corner. And when the night came, the day was right around the corner. The fight became a repetitive cycle. The darkness saw this and said: “Oh light, I shall let you reign. But remember I am all-encompassing and the time will not be far behind when I shall encompass you and bring this universe under my cloth”. So the light nodded in cold acceptance. And then humanity was brought down on earth. They studied the light and darkness as it fascinated them and would often stare into the stars and the galaxies beyond which were the previous battlegrounds between those two. The light proudly said: “The humans are lightful creatures.” The darkness laughed and said: “I see it as well, but eventually nothing will be spared.” “Nothing, oh darkness? Can anything not be spared by your cloth?” “My dear love, not even I can escape it.” Darkness whispered. The light wept and accepted its fate once again. And soon enough, everything was darkness. Light found itself harbouring in the hearts of humanity on a dark night. And when it was to be extinguished like the flame of a candle, the angels descend from the heaven. And they sang to the light. “We have not created but to abandon you, go and light the hearts of other men. That is the promise of God. In humanity’s heart is where you shall reside.” The darkness swirled around, shouting and screaming. And when the souls of men and women rose towards the heaven. “What did you do that I have come to reside in your tiny little hearts?” Asked the light to the humans. “I fed the man outside our house.” She said “I clothed her and preserved her honour,” He said. “I despised evil and warned others,” She said. “I taught you to others,” He said. “I took the hand of the blind person while crossing.” She said. “I cleaned the garbage and recycled it.” He said. And the Angels smiled and said: “Are we not the ones who would honour you?” And so darkness encompassed everything. But light lived in its new home for eternity in the heavens above.

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