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The Source of all Inspiration

Have you felt inspired to paint, make music or write something? A sudden urge to procreate, to participate in this amazing process.

Sometimes you are inspired to do a challenging task in your career or overcome overwhelming odds. But have you ever wondered about what is the source of all inspiration? Why do we get inspired? From where do we get inspiration? This (fundamental question) has always intrigued me. I have often thought about it. Have you ever thought about it? How does inspiration come? The fascination of something great.

A visit to a new exotic country, an out of the world sensation.

The birth of a soul. The growing love. The spirit to live & thrive. You want to create when you come across a great painting, an excellent music track or exemplary piece of literature. Perhaps a beautiful human connection.

Why do artists go to natural habitats to get their creative juices flowing? It’s the visual beauty.

You feel inspired when you read an exceptional figure in history & strive to follow his/her example. For his/her example was beautiful. The examples can be countless. The patterns are almost similar. When you see or experience a beautiful process, the human soul is nourished, and inspiration gushes forth. And I have realised that the source of all inspiration is beauty. Beauty in any form inspires. Period. It is the beauty that transcends into many forms & takes many shapes.

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