Opinion: CAA & NRC

Here's my take on the recent developments that have been playing our country. First of all, there has been a lot of discussion and debate regarding CAA and NRC. This issue has truly divided the nation like never before.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill pretends to be a humanitarian bill to allow persecuted minorities to be a citizen of India. However, the fundamental problem with the recently passed law is that it only restricts this humanitarian principle to a limited section namely: the Sikhs, Hindu, Parsi, Christian and Buddhist faith. The CAA refutes the basic moral criteria of our constitution. Which clearly states in our preamble that the basis of conferring citizenship cannot be based on religious faith, whatsoever. (The nation has been founded on these lines of philosophy.)

Of course, it deeply hurts me as a Muslim when other Muslims of South Asia will be neglected to avail the benefits of such a provision.

For CAA proposition conveys that the Indian-ness of anyone is related to being Non-Muslim. And the sentiment that someone is an outsider is related to being a Muslim.

Those who cannot draw a parallel to such ulterior mentality behind this bill are either themselves living in a fool's paradise or discreetly share such ideology of hate themselves.

In general, there are several minorities who do NEED to be covered under a humanitarian ground, not just Muslims. The scope should be extended to the persecuted people of the Baha'i faith, Shia community, the Ahmadis and atheists.

This Citizenship Amendment Bill has a secondary flaw because it covers only three countries. If it is truly a champion of the humanitarian patron (as it portrays itself), then it should include all the South Asian nations, at least the neighbouring countries.

Many people argue regarding NRC that: if people do not qualify in the list after the final implementation of the NRC, those who are non-Muslims can merely apply CAA and get citizenship. However, contrary to popular belief, the CAA cannot be used like that. Those unqualified non-muslims would have to prove (by their documents) that they are from Afghanistan, Pakistan or Bangladesh in order to avail the benefits of CAA. Thus a small minority of our people must not base their protest that CAA may be abused for qualifying in NRC.

Our concern must be larger than that! Rather, the NRC may not discriminate Muslims on paper. Yet, it has all the trademarks to demonise the community of this great nation on practical implementation. Case in point: Assam NRC (which was unanimously declared as a colossal disaster)

In addition, those who argue that protestors have not read the bill properly and thus are ignorant & uneducated; are themselves guilty of the accusation that they make. For those, I suggest not to underestimate the intelligence and comprehension of the common people, the students, the community of the nation.

For you can very well fool one or two men but certainly cannot fool the entire country.

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