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Three Mountains

As I stepped into the new shore, the white had but deceived me.

For it was not snow but sand and my feet knew so before my sight.

For the eyes had the rapture of the majestic mountains in front of me.

A total of colossal three stood bringing might and strength through my veins.

But as I walked towards them, their guardian spirits approached me.

One was enchanted and saw nothing but a plain figure in the air.

For it could not see me who stood in stark contrast to its figment.

The other guardian accused me of not glancing at the mountain in the first place.

The third guardian, representing the mightiest of the three merely disappeared without a word.

Out of the three, I chased the disappeared spirit beyond.

But it was not meant to be. It was not meant to be.

And voila! The three mountains were nothing but mirages that had dazzled me.

I grew not weary of the road ahead.

Only curious.

For I see flickers in the horizon.

Strange dancing lights of beauty but vague.

But I know not if these are mirages or anchors.

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